Here you can find various behind-the-scenes details about this website:


Many layout ideas on the home page were inspired by the website of my pal Sage. They also drew my profile picture :)


This website is currently hosted by Netlify. I use Njalla for actually private domain registration and Migadu for email.

No third party embeds except dynamic SVG images have been hurt are used on this website. This is even enforced with Content-Security-Policy. And yes, this means there are no analytics whatsoever.

Content management

This website is generated with Lume, a static site generator that runs on Deno.

The source is available right there on Codeberg, you can take a look!


This website is set in Recursive by Arrow Type… yes, including code snippets: this is a variable font that has β€œmonospace-ness” as a variability axis.

Also, Silkscreen is used for the tiny nostalgic badges at the bottom of the page.


Brand icons are from Simple Icons while others like β€œemail” are from Font Awesome.

Exceptions: the cohost eggbug I monochromed from @nex3’s vectorization, the icon is based on the official SVG, same with the Treehouse one.

Helpful tools and tricks

Browser support

This website is best viewed in Firefox! But all reasonably popular and recent browsers should be supported. If you notice a major issue in any browser, contact me using any of the methods listed on the home page.